What is UniStuff.org?

UniStuff.org is a project by students for students. UniStuff.org provides a central repository for exams, homework assignments, solutions, and more to facilitate learning for exams. The project relies on the assistance of students. Everyone can help by uploading his/her slides, exercises, lectures.

All files offered here - which come from a chair - can also be obtained from their lecture websites and are available on the internet for all students from the respective university. All files are still protected with the built-in mechanisms (if they were) and have not been altered in any way (such as password-removal for PDF files). If provided transcripts or other content uploaded by students present in the archive, are copyright protected and may not be present on UniStuff.org, the file will be immediately removed upon request. If you find such a file, please tell us, so the files can be removed.

Your university is missing? Send us a short email and we will add it.