You have a question, which is not answered here? Send us an email

I am missing an essential feature, can you add it?
You can send feature request to We will evaluate all incomming requests and implement them if they are good. Thank you!
How can I download files?
Files can be downloaded by clicking on the filename in the FileBrowser (right side). If the download does not start, please check your browsers popup-settings as the browser might block them. If this still does not work, please try a different browser.
My university is using moodle, why do I need this?
Moodle is a very good tool for organizing courses, but it has one major disadvantage. After the semester is over, you cannot access the files of your last courses anymore. This can be a problem, in case you need those files to prepared for another exam or you want to share those files with fellow students. By sharing those files on you can access any file any time.
How can I support this project?
There are multiple ways to support us. One way would be to spread the word about this project and referring new users. It is most helpful, if we can reach new universities/schools. You can also support us by adding content to the page. This could be files, passwords, courses, people, ...
I found a bug, what can I do about it?
You can send bug reports to The more information you add on how to reproduce it, the easier we can fix it. Thank you!